10 клас: Английски език ЗУЧ

1. Countable/ uncountable nouns.  Much/ many. Some/ any. Future expressions- be going to.

2. Present continuous for future arrangements. Present Simple for future.

3. Have to/ Don’t have to.

4. Countable and uncountable nouns.  a/ an, some/any, no, a little, a few, much/many.

5. be going to for intention and predictions.

6.  Must/mustn’t.

7. First conditional  when/if.

8. Should/ shouldn’t.

9. Past continuous. Past continuous vs. past simple.  When/while.

10. Determiners (everyone/ no one/ someone, etc.) Must/mustn’t vs. don’t have to.

11. Question tags. Present perfect simple, just, already, yet.

12. could and was/ were able to, a, an, the or zero article.

13.. Adverbs of degree: too and very + adjectives.

14. Defining relative clauses. Adverbs.null