8 клас: Английски език ЗУЧ

1.He’s a footballer The verb to be /singular/ Question words Countries and nationalities

2. Were a new band The verb to be /plural/ Object pronouns Positive and negative adjectives

3. She lives in the USA Present Simple: positive and negative; questions and short answers Possessive’s; Possessive adjectives

4. Where’s the cafe? There’s/ there are Positive imperatives Prepositions of place Numbers 100+

5. They’ve got brown eyes Has/ have got Why…? Because … Parts of the body

6. This is delicious! I’d like/ Would you like… ? Countable and uncountable nouns This/that/these/those

7. I sometimes watch TV Present Simple with adverbs of frequency; position of adverbs in a sentence Days of the week, TV programmes, telling the time

8. A bad storm’s coming Present Continuous Tense House and furniture

9. Yes, I can Can and can’t /ability/ Like/ don’t like + -ing

10. He was only 22 Past Simple Tense: was/ wasn’t/ were/ weren’t Time expressions; Ordinal numbers and dates

11. What happened? Past Simple Tense: regular and irregular verbs /questions and negatives/ -ed endings Verbs with prepositions

12. Special days Can and can’t /asking for permission/ Prepositions: at, in, on Months of the year and seasons; clothes

13. Learning languages Comparatives and superlatives

14. It’ll never happen Will/ won’t Expressions to talk about the future; expressions to talk about fortune telling Making predictions