9 клас: Английски език ЗУЧ

1. The verb to be (am/is/are).

2. Possessive adjectives (my and your; his and her).

3. Numbers: a or an. Have/ have got.

4. Making questions and negatives.

5. Possessive’s. Plural nouns.

6. Countries and nationalities. Some and any.

7. Present Simple Tense. Adverbs of frequency.

8. Present Continuous Tense. Prepositions of time: in, on at.

9. Future forms: Will or Going to.

10. Past Simple Tense: ago, last week. Regular and Irrеgular verbs.

11. Comparatives and superlatives.

12. Present Perfect Tense /ever, never, yet, just/.

13. Somebody, anybody, nobody, everybody.

14. Count and uncount nouns. Quantity- much and manу

15. Modal verbs.