IV СМЕННО-ВЕЧЕРНА ГИМНАЗИЯ „ОТЕЦ ПАИСИЙ“ – 4 сменно вечерна гимназия, удобно съчетаване на работа и учебно време, прием по документи, избор на форми на обучение, учебни програми, графици на изпитни сесии и конспекти

About us

       The building housing the Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy is located on 30 Dunav str., Sofia and is in conformity with the requirements of the school and the number of the students. The school possesses modern facilities, computer rooms and qualified pedagogical specialists. .
        The building is an architectural monument built with a donation from the royal family in 1914 for the purpose of a girls' boarding school. Later on, the building housed the Second Girls' Secondary School. Even today, the exterior of the secondary school is being maintained in the secession style which was typical for the early 20th century.
       Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy is the successor of the Fourth Workers’ Secondary School. In 1954, the Fourth Evening Secondary School was founded and in 1980, when the Third Shift Secondary School merged with the Fourth Evening Secondary School, the Fourth Workers’ Secondary School was established. The secondary school housed in the building at 30 Dunav Str. exists since 1982. .
       In September 1995, the Fourth Workers' Secondary School was renamed and became the Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy. “.
       The Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy is a municipal non-specialized secondary school with a framework curriculum for profiled education without having intensive or advanced foreign language teaching. The secondary education has a five-year course of training after completion of primary education:
First secondary school stage – 8th – 10th class
Second secondary school stage – 11th – 12th class with profile Humanities.
      The education at the Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy is meant for students aged 16 and above without upper age limit. The school integrates students from different ages and individual particularities in an atmosphere of respect, tolerance and respect for personal dignity.
       Students take the advantage of the right of free education at school and they do not have to pay school training taxes, they can use for free the school facilities for learning and developing their abilities, the right to attend additional counseling / counseling hours in helping students who have difficulties to succeed in acquiring knowledge, skills and competencies.
       Fourth Shift & Evening Secondary School Otets Paisiy is the only evening school with a two-shift training regime- morning shift starting from 8.00 a.m.- 1 p.m. and evening shift starting from 5.30 p.m. – 9.30 p.m. This gives the students of every age and personality a chance for: a suitable combination between work and study, family duties and careers and acquiring an equivalent diploma for continuing their qualification and higher education, competitive ability and future choice.
       The school-leaving certificate (diploma) given to the students who have graduated secondary education in the evening secondary school gives rights equal to these of all secondary schools in Republic of Bulgaria, including the right to continue their education in higher schools.